TrueCity 24/14 Prayer

Every year GOHOP teams up with TrueCity -  an organization that brings churches together "for the good of the city" -  to organize two weeks of 24/7 Prayer.  The two weeks of prayer are kicked off by the annual TrueCity conference. The theme of the prayer room is determined by the topic of the conference (i.e., mission, discipleship, evangelism). With the theme in hand, a team of artists prayerfully inquires of the Lord how the room should be designed and who else should be brought in to help build the main prayer stations. After the prayer room is assembled by a team of 10-20 staff and volunteers, it is filled with the sweet aroma of prayer as hundreds of people come to pray for two weeks around the clock.  

Set in these two weeks of prayer is an annual extended time of worship hosted by Burn 24/7 Hamilton

The 24/14 prayer room is typically located at the Vine @ 78 Vine St.   

“There’s something so special and holy about a place that has been specifically set aside for spending time with God. I know that His presence is everywhere, but I could feel it so strongly when I was in the prayer room. I’ve never felt the Holy Spirit quite as powerfully as I did there. Multiple times, my body was physically shaking because of the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is something I have never experienced before.”
— 2018 Prayer Room Visitor
“I had no idea that prayer could be so interactive and diverse. To me, prayer was sitting quietly and talking to God. Or maybe walking through the forest, quietly, and talking to God...”
— 2019 Prayer Room Visitor