We do not so much teach people how to hear God speak,
but simply help you identify the ways you already hear Him speak.


BARNABAS Listening Prayer Group

Who We Are


The name Barnabas is derived from the Apostle Paul’s companion and means “son of encouragement”. Like Barnabas in the Bible, we see our role as helping to build up, lift up, and encourage the church.

We are a listening prayer ministry that aims to provide a safe space for people to cultivate their ability to hear God’s voice for themselves and others. We do this through teaching, modelling, and operating as a learning lab for anyone (including ourselves) to practice and learn from one another.

Our mission is threefold:  

  • to grow our own capacity to hear and discern God’s voice

  • to equip the larger body of Christ to hear and discern God’s voice

  • to see the church encouraged, comforted, and strengthened as more and more believers are given the tools to hear and discern God’s voice in a way that is healthy, mature, and bring’s God glory.

What We Do

Monthly Open House

1st Tuesday of every month (excluding summer)

Our Open House format is designed for those interested in  learning about, practicing, or receiving listening prayer.

What can you expect at a Barnabas Open House?

Our Open Houses are specifically designed to be a safe environment for you to practice listening prayer. If it’s your first time, we welcome you to come curious, listen, and receive listening prayer from our team. You’re welcome to ask any questions you may have about hearing God’s voice or simply eavesdrop if you wish ;) We consider ourselves somewhat of a learning laboratory and while there’s no pressure to participate, there are different opportunities provided to actively practice what’s being discussed.

Regularly attending our Open Houses is a great way to continue growing in hearing God’s voice. It can also lead to the opportunity to join our core team (see below)

A typical Barnabas Open House includes:

  • Teaching
    What does it mean to hear God’s voice?
    How do we hear God’s voice?
    How do we discern God’s voice?

  • Practical
    Exercises to hear God’s voice for ourselves
    Listening for God’s voice for one another


When & Where

1st Tuesday of Every Month
(except July & August)
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The H.O.P.E Centre
606 Dundas St E
Waterdown, ON L8B 0G7

Directions & PARKING

The HOPE Centre is in what used to be the parsonage home to Bethel CRC which is located at the corner of Dundas and Kerns Rd in Waterdown. If you park in the church parking lot you can just follow the path up to the house and come in through the bottom door.


Approx. 2 hours

In addition to our Open House format, our core leadership team LOVES getting invited to travel to many different venues - churches, homes, coffee shops and conferences - to lead interactive workshops about hearing God’s voice.

In these workshops we discuss foundational principles and best practices regarding hearing God’s voice for ourselves and others. Some of the questions our workshops centre around are:

  • What does it look like to hear God’s voice in real life?

  • How can I know that it’s God speaking to me?

  • Why should I practice listening prayer?

These workshops are interactive with teaching as well as trying different spiritual exercises to practice what we’re learning.


Interested in having Barnabas come to your church, small group, or conference?

Monthly In-House (core team)

3rd Tuesday of every month

Our core team meets monthly as a small group to cultivate individual and corporate discernment. We practice hearing God’s voice for each other and study God’s Word together, as well as share and learn from each others personal stories.

We’re always open to having others join our team! If you’re interesting in becoming a part of the Barnabas team, we simply ask that you regularly attend our Open House (min. 3 in a row) and meet with our leaders one-on-one so that we can get to know you better, answer any questions you might have, and make sure you’re a good fit with us - and that we’re a good fit for you.

Interested in joining the Barnabas Team?

We’re always excited to meet and connect with others who desire to hear God’s voice!

After he has gathered his own flock, he walks ahead of them,
and they follow him because they know his voice.
— Jesus (John 10:4)